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Online Betting

You should ALWAYS question the legitimacy of a website advertising online bookmakers.
Sad but true, many websites advertising bookmakers aren't looking out for their readers and are advertising bookmakers that may be shady, operate in an unethical manner, or in some cases may be complete scams.
We recommend to view this link below to find the safest and the best betting sites where you can read more about MMA betting.

Academy Mission

It is the objective of World Champion Jermaine Andre's MMA Academy to enlighten others with the knowledge to better themselves, by guiding them to recognize and achieve their physical and mental capabilities.

Furthermore, it is our goal to educate others in health, physical fitness, self-confidence, courage, and personal protection, while providing the necessary staff, equipment and environment for its members to achieve this goal.

Andre's MMA Academy is sworn to create an honest and courageous brotherhood that nourishes positive development in people, community and country while bringing an honest and competent understanding of the Mixed Martial Arts and its constructive aspect. Have questions? Call 636-724-2900

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